30 Photos of People Ignoring Work Safety As If They’re Immortal

Work safety measures are indispensable, especially in such works with many dangers. But sometimes we ignore safety as if we are immortal. Here are some pictures of people who ignore work safety in dangerous situations.

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1. The Best Sign

work safetyThecalmsoldier

2. Sometimes You Just Got To Get Er’ Done!


3. Just Started As The Safety Guy Of A New Plant. We’ve Got A Little Ways To Go…

work safetydongbroker

4. No Health And Safety Back In The Day. Guy Painting Blackpool Tower In The UK


5. Not Sure What This Is Warning Against, But It Looks Bad!

work safetyelquesogrande1

6. If Only There Was Some Indication That This Door Shouldn’t Be Blocked. Have A Lowes Safe Day!


7. What Not To Do

work safetySuperpilotdude

8. Welcome Time Traveler, Thank You For Sharing Your Futuristic Technology With Us


9. This Is Up To Code Right?

work safetyhellbent54

10. Good Luck With Troubleshooting