Carpet Shark That You Must Be Aware Of

The tasselled wobbegong is a species of carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae that inhabits the shallow coral reefs off northern Australia, New Guinea, and the adjacent islands. They reach 1.8 m (5.9 ft) in length and this species has a broad and flattened body and head. The most distinctive trait is a fringe of branching dermal flaps around its head, which extends onto its chin that enable it to camouflage.

Carpet shark has extraordinarily camouflage ability

carpet shark
Image credit: Jon Hanson

Reports say that they attack humans too even when unprovoked

They are generally found inside caves or under ledges with its tail curled up during the day. When the night comes, they become more active and look for hunting. Some reports say, they attack humans too, even when unprovoked. Australian biologist Gilbert Whitley even wrote in 1940 that it “attacks and generally kills the natives” of Papua New Guinea.

Image credit: Leonard Low
carpet shark