Prince’s Pier with Stunning Views

Prince’s Pier is a historical site Located in Port Melbourne, Australia. It was originally known as the New Railway Pier until it was renamed Prince’s Pier after the visit of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) in May 1920. 5000 timber piles were used to construct the 580-meter-long pier. Because of its long association with Australia’s military history, Prince’s Pier was heritage-listed in 2006.

Prince's Pier

Prince’s Pier was constructed between 1912 and 1915 to supplement the adjacent Station Pier. It was an embarkation for Australian troops during the World Wars, and an arrival point for the United States troops during the Second World War. Until 1969, it was also a major arrival point for the migrants, especially during the post-war period. It is the second-largest timber pile structure in Australia.


The Pier suffered many problems over the years and has undergone several renovations. In the early 1990s, it was closed to the public due to poor timber conditions. Between 2001-2004, 14 fires occurred. A renovation project, estimated to cost $14 million, was announced in April 2006, with the first 196 meters of the pier to be fully restored. A full restoration was estimated to cost $60 million. The refurbished section of the pier reopened to the public in December 2011.

Prince's Pier

Due to its stunning views of the port and the city skyline, Prince Pier is a popular destination both for locals and tourists. It offers a range of activities for visitors. It also hosts events and festivals throughout the year.

Prince's Pier
Prince's Pier