The Majesty Of The Underwater World

The rare and endangered ornate eagle ray.

Adorable Little Pufferfish

Sailfish are considered the fastest fish in the sea, reaching top speeds of 70 miles per hour (112km/h).

Ben Bright

The moment a female seahorse transfers her eggs to a male, who will carry them to term.

The female on the left is transferring her eggs into the males pouch. Watch closely you’ll see the males belly start to swell up as he receives her eggs. He will eventually give birth to their babies. .filmed while freediving .


The beautiful ocean giant.


Porcupinefishes have the ability to inflate and blow up to a greater proportion by swallowing large quantities of either water or air. This allows the fish to grow to almost three times their normal size, thereby making it impossible for many predators to hunt them. They also have long spines which radiate outwards when they are inflated. Apart from these two defences, a lot of the porcupinefishes are also poisonous. Thus, owing to these factors they do not have too many predators!