Surprisingly Big Cats That Are Totally Frightening To Think On Your Lap

21. He Needed A Plus Size Cat Tree Even


22. The Polydactyl Chonk I Catsit Every So Often. He Weighs About 25 Lbs And Has Paws Almost As Big As My Hands!

big catsfoodfoodfood23

23. Chip Exploring Outside!


24. My Big Floofy Rescue Boy!


25. My Extremely Loving 25 Lb Ball Of Fluff, Daemon Is Ready For His Audition For The New Icon =) He’s Part Maine Coon And Part Turkish Van So He’s A Huge Boy. As Big As My Torso. He’s So Sweet And Loving And Sleeps With Me Every Night. I Love My Sweet Boy

big catsDaemonsAngel

26. Oh Lawd


27. The Largest Cat In NYC, And Possibly The World, 28 Lb

big catstoneporter

28. He’s Huge And Lazy But When Treats Are Involved, This Big Guy’ll Do Anything


29. Was Caught During Grooming Sesh

big catsEmperorHenry

30. My Little Sleeping Tiger (8 Kg)