Cats Showing Off Their Scarily Cute Claws In The ‘Murder Mittens’ Group

There’s a subreddit called ‘Murder Mittens’ where people post photos of their cats about to ‘kill’ them with cuteness… maybe.

1. Lil’ Murderer

cats murder

2. Black Panther Sequel


3. Illegally Tiny And Adorable Murder Mittens

cats murder mittensCrossposted

4. Ah Yes. The Deadly Grip Of The Void Itself

cats murder

5. My Favourite Baby Photo Of Him

cats murder

6. Also Very Smol

cats murder

7. When The Murder Mittens Aren’t Enough

cats murder

8. Murder Mitten And A Tooth For Good Measure.

cats murder mittens

9. Press On The Beans And You Get The Means…

cats murder mittensFlyingtiger21

10. Teeniest Murder Mittens