People Shared The Most Stupid Design Fails In Public Places

21. Designed For Dissuading The Homeless. Literally Just Uncomfortable For Everyone Else


22. This Painting Inside A Local “Fancy” Restaurant

design failshotdogfinatic

23. $1 Toothbrushes Locked Behind Glass At Walmart. Walked Around The Store For 15 Minutes Looking For Someone “Qualified” To Unlock The Glass Case


24. Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

design failsmr-otta

25. Toilet Door With Another Door In It That Won’t Stay Closed


26. This Restaurant In London (Waiters Love It)

design failsSeptember89

27. You Gotta Pay Attention On These Stairs In A Cinema


28. My Bed At A Hotel I’m Staying In

design failsdosnos

29. Public Restrooms With Reflective Surfaces


30. This Is Russia