People Shared The Most Stupid Design Fails In Public Places

11. The Design Of My School – This Is The Place Where Every Hallway Intersects


12. Two Windows Of My Workplace Are Constantly Fighting For The Honor Of Being The One Who Is Going To Be Opened

design failsILikeCheeseSandwich

13. The Single Worst Clock I Have Ever Seen. I Actually Said Aloud “Whyyy”


14. Ballroom Where Everyone Downstairs Can See Up Your Skirt

design failscrudolph0828

15. They Built This School Like One Month Ago


16. This Is Not Rust. “It’s The Design”

design failsnatsamario

17. This Chandelier At A Restaurant I Ate At Bothers Me So Much


18. This Fancy Staircase Leads Directly Into A Wall


19. I Love Eating At Restaurant Logo Here

design failsvaguevisibility

20. This Picture In McDonald’s Was Hung Sideways