People Share “The Most Brilliant Design Ideas” In This Online Group

This Reddit community is dedicated to gathering brilliant design ideas of all kinds, whether it’s graphic design, advertising, architecture, furniture, or product design.

Here is our previous ‘the most brilliant design ideas’ post.

1. WW1 Memorial In Vácrátót, Hungary

brilliant design ideasOoORebornOoO

2. Harnessing Nature To Shade A Walkway


3. These Playing Cards

brilliant design ideasbrutalproduct

4. Putting Rails Under A Bench So You Can Always Be In Shade


5. Apartment Building In Turin Holds 150 Trees

brilliant design ideaskarmagheden

6. Ads Against Littering In Toronto


7. This Is A Giant Iron Tree Built Into The Side Of The Russian Ministry Of Agriculture

brilliant design ideassnoopdog16

8. This Ladle


9. This Bottleneck Is At An Angle For Easy Fill And Drinking

brilliant design ideasneeraj_agarwal

10. The Drain Is Right Under The Soap Dispenser So It Doesn’t Stain The Sink