Singapore Street Food Vendor Serving $1.50 Meals Is Awarded a Prestigious Michelin Star



Singapore is known for being a bit pricey when it comes to just about everything. However, there is one street vendor in Singapore who serves meals that only cost $1.50 each. This street vendor named Chan Hong Meng recently received a Michelin star award for the quality food he serves on the streets at an affordable price. The Michelin star is one of the highest honors a restaurant can receive in the culinary industry.

Meng’s signature $1.50 meal is basically chicken covered in soya sauce. He has been serving this meal for more than 35 years in Singapore. Back when he first started, a $1.50 didn’t seem like a big deal to people. But now in 2016, charging a $1.50 for a meal will get just about anyone excited. Meng’s chicken dish is the cheapest meal in the world to have received the Michelin star.

Meng was even invited to the Singapore Gala Dinner where he was presented with the award. He got the honor of sitting next to some of the most famous chefs in the world too. Since then, his street vending business has grown exponentially.