40 Pics Of ‘My House, Not My Cat’, People Find A Strange Cat In Their Homes

31. Our Resident Stray With A Hedgehog Friend Visiting At Dusk

Lars Gustav Midbøe

32. Is This How One Acquires A Cat?

stranger cats in bedLaura Solomons

33. I Had An Unexpected Vistor This Evening. He Is Welcome To Join My Social Bubble Any Time He Wishes

Erica Brackenbury

34. My Baby’s Bassinet, Not My Cat

stranger cats in bedMeera Paleja

35. My Dog, My Couch. Not My Cat

Natalia Elisa

36. Why Do Neighbourhood Cats Always Come To My House

stranger cats in bedTish Burley

37. I Just Bought A House. It Apparently Came With A Cat. No One Told Me. I Don’t Even Have A Sofa Yet, But I Have A Pet? My House, Not My Cat

stranger cats in bedGiselle Bodin Lyons

38. My Bed. Not My Cat. Left The Front Door Open And Came Into My Room To Find This Kitty

Claire Arthur

39. Kevin Doin A Heckin Protest. Kevin Is Not My Cat, But I’m Trying To Convince Him To Be My Cat. We Do This Everyday. One Day He’s Gonna Surrender To My Love, Damnit. For Now He Just Uses Me For Food, And I’ll Take It

Crystal Damato-Pineda

40. This Is Sharon. Sharon Would Sneak In The House On A Daily Basis And Pretend To Be Asleep When We Had To Escort Her Out. Sharon Is Not Our Cat, Nor Do We Know If She Is Actually Called Sharon

stranger cats in bedHannah Green