30 Pics of ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments

The Facebook group ‘My House, Not My Cat’ shares funny photos of stranger cats found in people’s homes. Check out the cutest visitors!

Part I

1. My Kitchen, Not My Cat. My Older Cat Escorted Him In Through The Kitty Door And Walked Him Over To The Food Bowl!

strange catsPat Bathe

2. My House. Not My Cat. It Only Took 10 Years, But One Of Our Long Term Ferals We Have Cared For Just Crawled Into My Lap. I’ve Never Felt More Honored

strange catsBrigitte Baker

3. Not My Cat Provided Me With 13 Not My Kittens This Year. She Is Now Not My Spayed Cat

strange catsLinda Stearns

4. My Husband. Not My Cat. She Wandered In And Became Miss Steal Yo Man. This Was Last Night. She’s Still Here Today… I Don’t Think She Has Plans To Leave

strangers catsBrenda Evangelista

5. This Is My Patio And My Budgie, But Not My Cat

strangers catsRoxe McCarthy

6. Doing Dishes And Glance Out The Window These Are Not My Cats

strangers catsMorgan Wilson

7. My Neighbours Cat Arrives With A Meow At 7am And Stays The Whole Day Until Said Neighbour Texts Me At 5pm Asking For Her Cat Back

strangers catsKeiran Currah

8. This Is My Rabbits House, He Doesn’t Have A Cat

strangers cats

Bobbi Barry

9. 3 Years Ago On Bonfire Night This Void Yelled Out From The Void Of My Damn Walls/Roof. My Wall Vent, Not My Cat

Bethany Burnett

10. Stanley Update! To Recap, Stanley Was A Stray Who Would Visit The House To Be Fed. He Sometimes Would Appear On The Windowsill Or The Balcony.

who is this catRosie Coyne