Most Splendid Stained Glass Windows in the World

Rosary Chapel

Nestled in Vence, an idyllic commune in southeastern France, the Rosary Chapel was designed by modern artist Henri Matisse and built between 1943 and 1949. In addition to its minimalist spire and mosaic decorations, the tiny chapel features spectacular windows reminiscent of the artist’s famous series of cut-outs.

Each work of art features strong color contrasts and bold forms that, when illuminated by the sun, put a transcendent twist on Matisse’s signature abstract aesthetic.

Matisse Chapel, Vence

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The Grossmunster

German artist Sigmar Polke completed 12 modern stained-glass windows for this Zurich cathedral in 2009, just before he died. Although the windows look conventional, seven of them were created with thin slices of agate. Polke was nicknamed “the Alchemist” for his interest in working with and combining unconventional materials.

Zurich , detail from stained glass in the Grossmünster . Stained glass windows created by Sigmar Polke in 2009. 0231.

The Chapel of Thanksgiving

The Chapel of Thanksgiving is a non-denominational building in downtown Dallas, Texas. Built-in 1976, the site was designed “to promote the concept of giving thanks as a universal, human value.” The contemporary chapel celebrates this idea through a striking stained glass spiral that appears to change color as it twists toward the sky.

Spiral Window

Stained Glass Spiral by C. Lambert - on

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Santuário Dom Bosco, Brasília, Brazil

Santuário Dom Bosco by P M on


Fifty Shades of Blue by Marco Grillo on