Stained Glass Windows Bathe This Botanical Garden In Cosmic Light

A Cosmovitral Botanical Garden which is in a former market in Toluna, Mexico has several stained glass pieces. Some are of the opinion that the glass pieces enhance the beauty of the plants. Leopoldo Flores and sixty artisans worked from 1978 to 1980 to create more than 3,200 square meters of stained glass art that surrounds the walls and ceilings at the Cosmovitral.

A view of the magnificent stained glass inside the Cosmovitral, Toluca, Mexico

Cosmovitral Botanical GardenBy Lexaxis7 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

After the closure of the market in 1970s, the Cosmovitral was changed to a botanical garden and was equipped with several stained glass art in 1980. There are about 500 species of plant in the botanical garden which are found locally in Mexico, and within the landscape are many fountains and bridges.

While taking a look at this environment, the glass murals found around the football-field-sized greenhouse is brighter than the organic surroundings.

There are about 71 individual works, the window has several works which are related to man and the way he understand the world.

The main collection is a big central glass wall which is known as The Sun Man. Whenever the sun shine through the windows, the whole building is covered with warm blues and deep reds, which shows the organic and cosmic effect of the garden.

Source: atlasobscura