Artist Creates Energetic Cityscapes In Hazy Hues With His Unique Abstract Style

Jason Anderson, British artist from Dorset in England, creates colorful abstract paintings composed of pixelated swatches of pastel-toned oil paint. When looking up-close, the artist’s paintings look like blocky layers of shapes and color; but, from afar, his scenes—featuring cityscapes, roads, trains, and marinas—are revealed.

“I quickly started painting with a palette knife as I love the textures and shapes it creates. I found (along with the impressionists) that if the colors and tone are right the form isn’t that important – the brain would fill in the gaps.” Jason said. “This creates two experiences… from a distance, it’s a scene – but up close it’s all about the shapes and color.”

“With this in mind… I would most definitely describe my paintings as landscapes.”

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abstract painting
abstract painting
Hazy Hues
nergetic Cityscapes
Palette Knife Paintings
 colorful abstract painting
 ccolorful abstract paintings