21 Times People See Something Special In Ordinary Things

11. “Small predators lurking in their hideout”

something special© Pepe_Gold / Reddit

12. “My egg looks like a trademarked mouse.”

© BocceBurger / Reddit

13. “The cold weather brought back my car’s window sticker from years ago.”

something special© superchilidoge / Reddit

14. “The way water pooled in only a quarter of this leaf (and how the reflection makes a little smiley face)”

© bambingus / Reddit

15. “Water droplets on a car’s sunroof after it rains”

something special© chrisgriffith905 / Reddit

16. “My dad’s shoes, where you can see the wear on the right heel from years of resting his foot when he drives”

© girlyteengirl1 / Reddit

17. “Cement patches from recent repairs on my home kind of look like a lion on the edge of a cliff.”

something special© Aditya060804 / Reddit

18. “My puppy looks like how I drew dogs in fourth grade.”

© Dittestark / Reddit

19. The way the ice froze made this fence look like barbed wire.

something special© Nvermind08 / Reddit

20. “This coffee cup matches my pants.”

© ElectricPid / Reddit

21. “The dust on my suede roller skates look like an X-ray of my foot.”

something special© supervixen456 / Reddit