21 Times People See Something Special In Ordinary Things

Here are 21 people who see something special in ordinary things and share them.

1. “This painting in a waiting room is the same print as my phone case.”

something special© YetiPie / Reddit

2. “This moth picked the perfect urban camouflage.”

© canine_at_heart / Reddit

3. “These snapdragon seeds I just collected out of the garden look like skulls.”

something special© LionRaird93 / Reddit

4. “Hard boiled an egg and it ended up cracking, and the bit that got out looks like a rooster/chicken.”

© DoYouEvenPsych / Reddit

5. “One half of my dog’s whiskers are white and the other half are black.”

something special© diamondays / Reddit

6. “This kiwi that has the ’Batman’ logo inside”

© darr_ke_aage / Reddit

7. “This brick looks like an ice cream sandwich.”

something special© pinkskyze / Reddit

8. “The frost on my house is in the shape of the satellite dish.”

© Rancid_Potatoes / Reddit

9. “This one just remembered something it forgot to do.”

something special© james_pawned / Reddit

10. “How this tree loses its leaves on one side during fall, and holds the leaves on the side by the street light”

© SpeedAsleep6441 / Reddit