30 Funny Pics Of People Sleeping In Weird And Uncomfortable Positions

21. Sleep Contortionist (21-Year-Old Son After His 1st Day On New Job Falls Asleep Rather Stylishly)

 funny sleep positionrasburryswirl

22. Waking Up Will Be Hard

 funny sleep positionBierrr

23. My Boyfriend’s Sleeping Position Screams “B**** I’m Fabulous”

 funny sleep positionkma313

24. Sleeping Level: Jedi

 funny sleep positionshrek0623

25. He Doesn’t Understand Why I Hate Sleeping With Him


26. Today I Found Out That My Co-Worker Sleeps With His Eyes Open And Looks Very Creepy

 funny sleep positionQuickzor

27. Wife Has Fallen Asleep Beneath The Paper. This Freaked Me Out For A Second


28. My Wife Naps Like This


29. Have You Ever Heard About Sleeping Under The Table?

30. How Is That Even Possible?