People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

21. He Breathed In While Licking His Nose And His Tongue Got Sucked Into His Nostrils A Little Bit


22. This Is How He Sits

23. My Neighbor’s Dog Sits Like This Out The Second Story Window For Hours Every Day Just Vibing And Watching The World Go By

24. Uhhh… I Don’t Think That’s How You Do That


25. How Am I Supposed To Do My Work With This?

26. He Haphazardly Looked For Birds In The Tree When We First Set It Up. I Instantly Felt Bad When I Played A Youtube Video Of Birds In The Forest And Put My Phone In The Branches. He Stared At It Like This For Hours

27. Photobombing


28. My Dog Was Sitting Like This While Being Fed With A Fork By Her Grandpa

29. My Little Beauty Queen

30. My Dog, Beak. This Is His Best Angle, Showcasing His Formidable Teef