Photographer Restores ‘Unrestorable’ Photos Taken Over 100 Years Ago

Photoshop artist and musician from Austria Mario Unger is restoring with bringing old and damaged photos back to glorious, colorful life. Even though some of these photos were taken over 100 years ago, he brings them back to life with his amazing editing skills.

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1. Unknown Woman, Ca 1880

restorations old photos

2. “Texas Couple, Ca 1900, One Of The Hardest Restorations And Colorizations I Did So Far. Working Time, About 15 Hours”

restorations old photos

3. Old Man, Photo By C.m.bell Ca 1890. Library Of Congress, Glass Plate Negative

4. Not The Easiest Restoration

5. Westover Landing, Virginia. Officers Of 3rd And 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Illustrating The Hardships Of War. 1862

6. Mrs. Abraham Lincoln (Mary Todd), 1855

7. Man 1890, Name K.c.holt, Photographer C.m.bell

8. Young Girl’s Photo Restoration

restorations old photos

9. The Photographers Daughter, C.m.bell 1870

10. Antietam, Md. President Lincoln And Gen. George B. Mcclellan In The General’s Tent 3. Okt. 1863

11. Arthur Morgan Chase, Ca 1916

12. Joseph Dore, Ca 1862

13. Vintage Photo Restoration

restorations old photos

14. Heavily Damaged Photograph, Ca. 1960

15. Vintage Photo Restoration

16. Andrew Johnson (December 29, 1808 – July 31, 1875). The 17th President Of The United States

restorations old photos