Artist Colorizes History With Colorization Old Photos

Mads Madsen based in Denmark is 25 years old artist who colorizes old photos. Through the use of Photoshop, he meticulously transforms black and white photos, enlightening history.

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1. Desmond Doss, Conscientious Objector And Medal Of Honor Recipient. He Was Given The Medal Of Honor For His Actions At Hawksaw Ridge, During The Battle Of Okinawa, Where He Carried 75 Wounded Men To Safety Under Heavy Enemy Fire

2. Helen Keller Greeting Charlie Chaplin By Feeling His Features

3. Two American Soldiers Proudly Show Off Their Personalized “Easter Eggs” (155mm Artillery Shells) Before Firing Them

old photo colorized

4. Frederick Douglass, Talented Orator And Frontspokesman Of Abolition. Escaped Slavery, And Led A Freedom-Movement

old photo colorized

5. Sir David Attenborough Petting A Macaw Around 1950-51

6. Native American Chief With Feathers, Unknown Date

old photo colorized

7. Amelia Earhart, Unknown Date

8. Nikola Tesla, With Roger Boskovich’s Book ‘Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis’, In Front Of The Spiral Coil Of His High-Frequency Transformer At East Houston St., New York

9. Two Girls And Their Snow Fort, Ca. 1910

10. Ca. 1960 – A Civil Rights Demonstration. A Black Woman Is Glaring At A Man, Who Appears To Be A Segragationist, Donning The Confederate Flag On His Hardhat