‘News From The Future’ Imagines The World After A Climate Apocalypse

French digital artist Fabien Barrau uses his own drone photography to make photo montages of how ruined architecture might appear after a climate change apocalypse. Called News From the Future, the series of renderings depict famous architectural landmarks in places such as Paris, Rome, New York, and London submerged beneath waves or smothered in desert sands.

‘I’m coming back from the future. CHICAGO 2323: The big cities were abandoned a long time ago.’

News From the Future

“My motivation for this series was how to influence awareness of climate change and the urgency to act every day according to one’s means and power,” Barrau told Inhabitat. “In my case, my little power is to create images and imagine myself as an explorer who will return from the future with photos of a changed world.” He hopes that the striking images will serve as a reminder to global citizens, especially young people, to the potential future of our world’s most treasured landmarks should climate change continue to worsen.

‘I’m coming back from the future. Paris 2175. Hidden by a dense tropical forest, the abandoned city is difficult to access. Moreover, I have been attacked several times by rats that have evolved to reach the size of a dog.’

News From the Future

‘I’m coming back from the future, news is not good. The end of the century was very difficult, but last humans adapted …’

News From the Future

‘I’m coming back from the future. Rome 2219 : “When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; And when Rome falls — the World” Lord Byron’

News From the Future

‘I’m coming back from the future. NYC 2476 : We are just a memory.’

‘I’m coming back from the future, news is not good. The melting ice was really much stronger than expected. Liberty 2119.’

The image of two whales swimming above Paris’ Arc de Triomphe is a tribute to the French artist Roland Cat, whose work in the 1970s and 80s imagined sea creatures swimming above drowned cities