30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. 1 Week Post Adoption

rescued petsNumerous_Asparagus87

22. Went To Look At New Born Cats And This Guy Crawled Into My Hoodie Filled Out The Adoption Papers Not Just A Minute Later With The Fluff Ball Still In My Hood


23. We Adopted A 6 Month Old Pit/Lab Mix Yesterday, Say Hello To Larry Everybody!

rescued petsGR4VYTR41N

24. I Adopted My First Cat!


25. Started Volunteering At The Animal Shelter 2 Weeks Ago. Brought Home My First Foster Family Today. Momma And 6 3 Week Old Babies

rescued petsRaising_Danger

26. I Grew Up Thinking Huskies Were Majestic. Then I Adopted Argo


27. Adopted Two Little Meezers. Named Them Yin And Yang

rescued petsSeahinell

28. Adopted A Dog Last Week. This Is How She Slept The Other Night


29. My Foster Dog Just Got Adopted! I Think He’s Excited


30. We Adopted A Bulldog Yesterday The Cat Clearly Was Not Excited About It

rescued petsjrr_53