40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. Our Dog Adopted A Puppy


22. 4 Day Old Kitten! Her Mama Disappeared, So I’m Bottle Feeding And Adopting Her

rescued petsCharlieTrees916

23. We Just Adopted This Beautiful Senior Lady And I’m So In Love With Her Already


24. I Adopted A Silly One

rescued petsflexilexie

25. Recently Adopted A Stray Cat, Two Weeks Ago She Wouldn’t Be In The Same Room As A Human. Tonight, She Scratched At My Bedroom Door To Come In. No Touching Though!


26. Baxter Lived To Twice His Life Expectancy (8/16.5). I’m So Proud To Be His Rescue Mom. Love, Boop Snoots And Adopt!

rescued petsB00KW0RM214

27. I Adopted Two Special-Needs Kittens Separately. Today They Held Hands


28. I’m So Happy I Adopted This Boy

rescued petsEeveeGirl411

29. We Adopted A Corgi Two Weeks Ago. One Of Her Ears Just Popped Up Overnight!


30. After Fostering 4 Pups Over A Period Of 3 Mths, I’ve Decided To Adopt The 5th One! You’re Coming With Me Wherever I Go From Now On! Welcome To Your Forever Family, Haribo!