A Policeman Found A Helpless Fawn In The Middle Of The Road…And Became Our Hero

Matthew Mitchell, an officer from the Police Department of Columbus City has certainly come across strange appearances while at work. However, we are sure he had never seen something this crazy before!

By the looks of it, this baby deer and her mother were trying to cross the road and the following little fawn was suddenly lost. When she was confused, she simply laid down in the middle of the road.

Suddenly, Rebecca Wagner, who was driving by, saw the poor baby and thought of acting. She directed the traffic movement and also called up the police immediately. Without wasting any time, Matthew Mitchell showed up and saved the little fawn.

Matthew Mitchell then put the fawn in a place from where the mom could be able to see it easily. Also, before Mitchell left the scene, he made sure that the mother would come to get the baby fawn once the crowd had cleared. We appreciate the effort of Matthew Mitchell to save this little fawn and proving that humanity still exists!

Posted by Rebecca Wagner on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

(via Today)