Meet Pedals The Bear. He Casually Walks Around On Two Feet Like It’s Nothing…

Meet Pedals.

Too strange for a bear, isn’t it?

Have you ever seen a big black bear that walks around using his hind two legs effortlessly?

All this started when Pedals had an injury in his front right paw. As per the article published on BuzzFeed, it was hurt when Pedals was involved in a car accident. However, Pedals did not give up and adapted to walking using his hind legs and started to bend down to pick food. Now, he is able to put more weight on his front left paw.

Pedals rose to prominence in the New Jersey area and neighbors are helping the world know about him by maintaining a Facebook page for Pedals.

However, the wildlife officials have to say otherwise, that Pedals should not be kept among humans and should be left in the natural wild habitat.

Joey Esposito saw Pedals strolling on two feet effortlessly.

Although he does not look cute, his actions will definitely have an impact on your heart.


For more information about Pedals, or if you would like to stay updated about him, follow him on his Facebook page!