Emotional Deer Rescue After A Traffic Accident

Get your tissues out for this one.  Emotional stories regarding animals are always a little hard to swallow because you feel so good about them being rescued, but feel terrible about the fact that the had to be rescued in the first place.  This story is no different, unfortunately and will leave you in a sobbing mess, no matter how brave you think you are. Heartbreaking from start to finish and full of emotions that are struggling to keep hidden from the rescuers, this mama deer knows what suffering is.  She was struck by a car and had to be rescued so that she could survive until the following day. Worried about her survival in the wild, the rescuers hurriedly took her back to the spot that they picked her up in the first place, and what they saw there will make you reach for your best friend so that you can sob through the ending together.  IT’s a sweet story that will pull on your heart strings and make you want to rescue every animal out there, tame or not.  That’s the power of a good animal story, right there.