Rescuers Found A Tiny Baby Chimp In A Jail — Now He’s Finally Seeing The Sun

The closest species to humans are apes and monkeys. They are able to think and feel in a way similar to humans. Imagine what Juwa might have gone through when he saw his mother die right in front of his eyes.

Juwa’s mother was killed by soldiers of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Within a flash, he was an orphan and the soldiers also kept him in their captivity. It was a windowless room and he was captured there for months when they were searching for a buyer.

Ultimately, when there were no buyers for baby Juwa, an aid worker convinced the soldiers to do what’s right and then, Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center came to the picture.

He was kept in dark captivity for months and was stressed and dehydrated with a rope tied to his ankle before being rescued.

However, the workers took him back to where he belongs and he could chill in the sun.

This young chimp was held by the military in a dark room for a very long time, waiting for a buyer. Due to stress, he…

Posted by Lwiro Primates on Friday, April 8, 2016

Now, Juwa is living with his surrogate mother and it will take a few weeks before he recovers fully emotionally, physically and mentally.

Arriving at Lwiro he enjoyed his first sunshine, some good food and loving attention. He is already feeling a bit better.

Posted by Lwiro Primates on Friday, April 8, 2016

However, the rescuers are confident that he will make a full recovery.

Thank you all for your overwhelming response to the rescue of our newest chimp baby. We have seen many names come by and…

Posted by Lwiro Primates on Monday, April 11, 2016

He will also be playing with the other chimps present in the center.

The boys in the infant group have some fun together! #LwiroPrimates #chimpanzee #boyswillbeboys

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If you want to help these chimps, go to Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center and make a donation! The volunteers will be able to rescue more chimps like Juwa then.