30 Small Details Hidden In Pixar Movies That You Might Have Missed

People are pointing out all of the small details hidden in Pixar movies that you may have never noticed. Here are the 30 examples of them!

1. When Mike Marks An X On The Calendar In Red Marker, It’s Brighter And Fresher Than The Rest Of The Marks, Which Have Dried

details in pixar movies

2. In “Toy Story 4,” Mr Potato Head Is Voiced Posthumously By Don Rickles (Who Passed Away In 2017)

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3. In Up (2009), Dug Is The Only Dog To Successfully Track Down The Tropical Bird Because He Is The Only Hunting Dog (Golden Retriever). All The Others Are Guard Dog Breeds


4. In “Up” (2009), Ellie’s Things Are Rounded While Carl’s Things Are Square, Matching Their Respective Character Designs

details in pixar moviesGam+66+666maKing

5. Whenever Characters Play Guitar In The Movie, Their Hands Form The Actual Chords Corresponding To The Music… Even Though It Would’ve Been Easy To Just Fake It

6. In The Pixar Logo After The Credits Of Wall-E, Wall-E Replaces Luxo Jr.’s Lightbulb With An Environmental Friendly Bulb After His “Round” Bulb Goes Out


7. In “Cars” The Canyons Are All Old Cars And Hood Ornaments


8. In Finding Dory, Jacques’s Bag Is Cleaner Than All The Other Bags. This Is Because He’s A Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Which Means He Eats Dead Tissue And Other Organisms

9. In “Up” (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years


10. In The Incredibles 2, The Painting In Helen’s Hotel Room Is An Illustration Of Her Seperation From The Family

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