30 Small Roles That Had A Huge Impact In TV And Movies

Movie stars always are remembered but what about small roles? Some actors make bigger small roles too. A Twitter user asked ‘Name a smaller role with bigger impact?’ and here are 35 of the best small roles.

1. Edna “E” Mode In The Incredibles Universe

small rolesmarcosmontero82

2. “Old Man” Marley, Potrayed By Roberts Blossom, In Home Alone (1990)


3. Yondu, Portrayed By Michael Rooker, In Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

small rolesdaniloo_pr

4. Crush, Voiced By Andrew Stanton, In Finding Nemo (2003)


5. Paulette Bonafonté, Portrayed By Jennifer Coolidge, In The Legally Blonde Movies

small rolesdannyboy83

6. Roz, Voiced By Bob Peterson, In Disney’s Monsters Franchise


7. Gingy The Gingerbread Man, Voiced By Conrad Vernon, In The Shrek Series

small rolesManuelJunior_

8. Mr. Chow, Portrayed By Ken Jeong, In The Hangrover Movies


9. Pigeon Lady, Portrayed By Brenda Fricker, In Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)

small roles_tobyjunior_

10. Honey Best, The Wife Of Lucius Best, A.k.a. Frozone, Voiced By Samuel L. Jackson, In The Incredibles Universe