Animals Discover Mirrors

21. My Dog Has Discovered Her First Mirror. She Keeps Rolling Her Ball To The “Other Dog” And Whining Because She Wants To Play

pets vs mirrorszp1012

22. Standing Cat Looking In Mirror

pets vs

23. My Chinchilla Saw Himself For The First Time In The Mirror Today

pets vs mirrorskaraleecupcake

24. Identity Crisis

25. “I Don’t Even Know Who I Am Anymore”

26. He Already Knows How Pretty He Is

pets vs mirrorswinniethepussyy

27. He Kept Looking Into The Mirror For Quite A While, Seems Really Depressed About The New Look After Shaving.


28. Happens After Ever Bath She Gets. She Goes To The Sink, Stands Up, Paws Down, And Looks At Herself In The Mirror.


29. Put This Mirror On The Bedside Table And Renly Couldn’t Handle