40 Times People Get Surprising Results After What They Ordered

Ordering something is a big issue generally. We can’t often get what we ordered and it is possible to have surprising results after our orders. Here are 40 people who had surprising results after what they ordered.

1. When Your 3 Year Old Asks For A Rainbow Dinosaur Donut Birthday You Deliver. Drew Up The Design And Had It Made And They Did An Awesome Job


2. I Told My Son He Could Only Get One Donut


3. Friend Ordered Chicken On Her Pizza In Israel. Reasonable Execution

surprising results6 months ago

4. A Customer Called Asking If We Were Practicing Social Distancing With Her Sandwiches. I Told Her We Are, But Tbh Guys I’m Running Out Of Space

5. Olive Garden Is Proving A Point!

6. Asked For Extra Pepperoni

7. Asked If I Could Buy One Single Munchkin For My Dog’s Birthday (Who Loves The Drive-Thru) And They Blessed Her With All This. Glazed Munchkins, Bacon, And Whipped Cream!

8. Asked For Extra Cheese


9. I Got Another Mac And Cheese Burger. This Time I Asked For “As Much Mac And Cheese As You Can Without Getting Fired.” I Might Not Survive

10. I Left A Note In The Delivery Instructions Asking For As Much Extra Ranch As “Legally Allowed By State Law”