40 Times People Share Fails And Accidents ‘That Looked Expensive’

Sometimes there are some fails or accidents that cost a lot. People share that kind of fails and accidents on a Reddit page ‘That Looked Expensive’ and here are 40 of them.

Here is our previous ‘That Looked Expensive’ post.

The stadium in Russia didn’t meet FIFA standards for the World Cup, so they added 18K seats in the most terrifying way possible

FIFA wants a 35,000-capacity stadium for its World Cup matches, and it doesn’t care how they get it. So Russia renovated Ekaterinburg with an additional 12,000 seats set on 149-foot tall temporary bleachers that stick outside of the stadium itself.

1. Oops

looked expensiveAngelic_Blossom_

2. What Bird Brain Designed This?


3. When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

looked expensivemightyXi

4. When A 300k Wall Of Monitors Falls Over


5. Big Oof

looked expensivetenselyinlay413

6. Supercar Storage In Cheshire Burned Down…


7. 80+ Mph Winds In Iowa Today


8. Nick Wylde Would Be Impressed

looked expensiveQueenElsaArrendelle

9. Remember That Bridge You Guys Built? We Need Another One

In 1998, Honduras built a bridge over The Choluteca River, but hurricane mitch rerouted the river.


10. A Huge Boulder Crashed Into A House In Tyrol, Austria Today. Luckily, No One Was Injured