40 Times People Get Surprising Results After What They Ordered

Ordering something is a big issue generally. We can’t often get what we ordered and it is possible to have surprising results after our orders. Here are 40 people who had surprising results after what they ordered.

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1. I Said My Pad Thai Wasn’t Spicy Last Time So Please Make It Extra Spicy And This Was My Receit

surprising resultsJescro

2. Asked For A Corgi Cake For My Birthday. Husband Did Not Disappoint At All!


3. Local Donut Shop Made A Child’s Perfect Donut

surprising resultsWaywardwolfpaws

4. They Gave Him What He Asked For, Not What He Wanted


5. Told The Meals On Wheels Lady That I Love Their Gravy. Day Made

surprising resultsmonniiee1221

6. My Daughter Asked For A Rapunzel Birthday Cake. I Made Her One


7. Please Cook Sausages

surprising resultsCensorious

8. Asked For A Cherry Coke At A Restaurant


9. My 10-Yr-Old Only Wanted Pumpkin Pie Today. I’m Working So I Just Ordered Two Pies From McDonald’s, Three Minutes Before They Closed. There Are 14 Pies In Here. I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

surprising resultsqueen_oops

10. Asked If They’d Be Willing To Slip One Extra Into My 10-Box