40 People Who Find Genius Solutions In A Weird Way

All we have some problems in daily life. While some of them are serious, some of them are easier to solve. There would be a need for some genius solutions too. Here are 40 people who find genius solutions in a weird way.

1. I Wanted Natural Light In A Basement That Has No Windows

genius solutionsZZbrew

Paid $10 for two old windows, painted them, frosted the glass, installed them into my wall with LED lights behind them. Now it’s always 2 pm at the basement bar.

2. That’s Brilliant

Rae Ellis

3. After Repeating 6 Times That I Want To Cancel My Comcast Xfinity, I Finally Figured Out How To Get Them To Stop Arguing And Actually Do What I Asked

genius solutionsBaseballFan2019

4. My Dog Rolo Has Always Been A Messy Drinker, My Girlfriend Turned His Water Bowl Into A Moss Garden To Keep The Place Tidy


5. My Dad’s T Got Splattered With Bleach, He Decided To Fix With More. I Found It Adorable

genius solutionso0geck0o

6. My Grandpa Uses The Actual Hardware For Labeling The Drawers


7. This Gentleman At Target Who Reversed His Hooded Sweatshirt To Make A Puppy Pocket

genius solutionsreddit.com

8. I Should Do It Myself As Well


9. Friend’s Sister Lost Her Car Key While Jogging, Someone Else Made Sure She Found It

genius solutionsMajestic_Beard

10. Changed The One Earphone Rubber To Black To Quickly See Which Is Which