30 Pics Of Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems

This list is compiled from genius solutions to everyday problems that you probably didn’t know existed. Take a look at these genius ideas!

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1. These Tables At My College Campus Use Solar Panels As Shade, Which In Turn Provide Power For The Charging Ports On The Table

genius solutions

2. This Picnic Table With An Extension For Wheelchair Users

genius solutions

3. Home Office Busy Light – WiFi Enabled LED’s In Door Jam Linked To My Work Calendar, When I’m In A Meeting It Goes Red And The Kids Know They Can’t Come In

genius solutions

4. Thailand Supermarket Ditches Plastic Packaging For Banana Leaves

genius solutions

5. My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

genius solutions

6. If You’re Bored At The Baltimore Airport You Can Learn CPR

genius solutions

7. This Parking Lot Has Lights Showing You The Empty Spaces. Genius


8. This Duck Ramp

genius solutions

9. This Railing On Gazebo In Naples Has Braille Describing The View For Blind People. More Of This, Please

genius solutions

10. My Park Installed Outdoor Workout Equipment Facing The Playground

genius solutions