People Spotted Things In Different Colors And Captured These Unusual Footages

The subreddit “Real Life Shinies” has gathered an incredible collection of rare sights, unusual color combinations, and anything out of the ordinary. Take a look at them!

1. Shiny Black Cockatoo

2. When You’re Dark And Spooky But Very Cute

3. This Golden Mouse

4. A Really Shiny Beautiful Creature – Akhal Teke, Turkmenistan

5. Meet Narnia, A Rare Two-Faced Cat

6. This Unique Chicken With Heart Patterns In Its Plumage

7. The Blue Java Banana Taste Like Vanilla Ice-Cream

8. A Partially Melanistic Genetic Variation Called A Cross Fox

cross fox

9. White Chocolate Mousse

different color

10. A Black Cat With A Pink Nose!

different color