30 Oddly Terrifying Pics To Give You The Creeps

21. Was Playing Video Games When I Heard A Sounds To My Left. Looked Over And Saw This


22. Pregnant With Triplets

oddly terrifyingChlorofil

23. Imagine Seeing One In The Middle Of The Road While Driving


24. Eye Injury Causes Man’s Iris To Collapse

oddly terrifyingWhyIsLife12

25. At Vezio’s Castle In Italy There Are Lots Of These “Phantom” Like Statues


26. Found This In My Apartment While Living In Japan. They Are Fast!

oddly terrifyingSaucy_Lemur

27. The Tornado Showing Up Because Of The Lightning Strikes


28. A Webcam Appeared In The Bottom Of My Computer Screen After It Blue Screened

oddly terrifying


29. A Creepy Standing Goat.


30. The Remains Of This Caribou In Greenland

oddly terrifyingKoalaTeaNip