30 Oddly Terrifying Pics To Give You The Creeps

11. This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night


12. This Is What Running Birds Look Like

oddly terrifyingCsab7722

13. The Black Crack, A 65-Foot-Deep Fissure Along A Trail In Canyonlands National Park In Utah


14. Sears Tower During A Blackout

oddly terrifyingbobolover90

15. Woke Up Scared Stiff Last Night When I Noticed A Victorian Ghost Floating At The End Of My Bed. Took Me A Few Minutes To Realise It Was My Clothes On The Door


16. 280 Million Year Old Fossil Found In Western Australia, Photo By Tom Kapitany

oddly terrifyingcreepthekid_

17. A British Tourist Filmed A ‘Monitor Lizard’ Coming Out From His/Her Toilet Bowl In Thailand


18. A Whale Skeleton Found In The Hot Dunes Of Egypt

oddly terrifying


19. Mother! I Request Your Soul!


20. Fingers Without Nails

oddly terrifyingV3nd3l