40 Times People Share Hilarious ‘Not My Job’ Moments

11. Updated Our Working Hours, Boss

not my jobdestinyspie

12. Labeled The Sports Boss


13. Just Moved Into My New Apartment And Saw This

not my jobanderscandor

14. Instead Of 2 A’s And 2 E’s, We Got 4 A’s In This Happy New Year Balloon Pack


15. Delivered The Package Boss

not my jobnims_2525

16. Not Sure How This Made It Through Proofreading, Peer Review, And Copyediting


17. Proud Of The Local Crew And It Only Took Them A Month

not my jobsandybeach82

18. Rail Installed, Boss!


19. Pasted The Poster Boss!

not my jobMarryBorger

20. Made The Warning Label Boss