People Who Have Had “Neighbors From Hell”, What Happened?



My parent’s next door neighbor, a lady. They don’t have a big backyard, but she had two dogs, a boxer and a rottweiler. She rarely ever walks them so they are usually pent up with energy and are not well socialized. Whenever people or dogs walked by outside, they would go nuts and jump/tackle our mutual property wooden fence separating us. Every year, the fence needs to be replaced because of the dogs. Not only does she never be willing to pay for the replacement, she is never willing to even split the cost. My parents would end up footing the entire bill for a new fence each year with my dad not wanting to make a big deal. She also has this very tall tree in her backyard that we tried to get her to trim and maintain in case strong winds would bring the cross branches down damaging the surrounding houses and people walking by. But she would ignore us. Eventually one very windy day, a branch snapped from that tree and it crushed and killed the boxer. Ever since then, the problems with the fence destruction and aggresion stopped even with the rottweiler still around. So I guess it was the boxer that was causing all of the problems. But to this day, she still seems like a b***h of a neighbor and a very subpar dog owner.


When I was a kid we lived next door to an awesome dude and his wife. One day, they moved out due to losing the house to the bank. Next thing we know, a skeezy trucker (I know not all truckers are bad, I was one) who would routinely fight with his wife on the front yard. They built a fence all the way around the property immediately. Fast forward a few years of antics and shenanigans by these people, we get a knock on the door. My father was arrested for destruction of private property because they said we hit their fence with stuff and broke it.

Now this is where the story gets good. In court, they presented blatant pictures of a completely different fence as evidence. My father had pictures of their fence, and the judge sent the sheriff out to take his own pictures. They were found in contempt of court for cussing the judge and falsifying evidence and got arrested on the spot for threatening a judge. Dad immediately sold the house and we moved out, but he got the last laugh as he sold the house to the bailiff of the court they were in. So, now his next door neighbor is the man who arrested him. He died of an overdose shortly thereafter, and they lost the house to the bank after he was gone. Neighbors from hell.

TL;DR: Neighbor falsified evidence in court, bailiff bought our house next door to him and he OD’d.



neighbors from hellLemonFake

He stalked my roommate and I.

From the get-go, day 1 when he first moved in and we met him both of us had super bad vibes. No reason for it at the time but our gut feeling said he was no good. And then literally for over an entire year almost every time we went out the door he’d come out to our house to try to ‘hang out’. We couldn’t even walk across the road to check our mail in peace. Then he’d walk up the road and stand in front of our house staring, or pace in front of it in the road. Then he started knocking on our door in the middle of the night (we never answered as we in no way wanted him in our house ever but especially not at midnight, and only knew it was him because we confronted him later and he admitted it). We’d go out together and get home and he’d be sitting in a chair in our yard like it was his house. And then he started showing up at stores and other places we were at in town and try to follow us around there.

It was f*cking ridiculous and we went through this sh*t for over a year, got to the point that we hated even going outside and couldn’t hang out in our own yard because we just felt like we were being watched and were just counting down the seconds until he popped up because he always popped up. Complained to our landlord multiple times, he warned our neighbor multiple times, and it still continued and probably would still be continuing even now if the dude hadn’t gotten behind in his rent and been kicked out which happened late last year.

He f*cked up the house he was renting so much that it’s been getting renovated for months (there were holes in the walls, the floors torn up, and according to the landlord like, hundreds of empty liquor bottles, burnt foil, used needles, and all sorts of sh*t up in the house) and we’re supposed to be getting our next neighbor moving in sometime soon and we’re just f*cking dreading it so much. This guy was the worst but previous to him we also had just a string of cr*p neighbors. We’ve both agreed that if this next one turns out to be just as sh*tty or worse we’re moving somewhere else. :/



A lady moved in and LIED that her dog was a “service dog” because these apartments did not allow dogs or cats but can’t deny a service animal. This dog was no service dog, it didn’t even have basic obedience training and she would turn it loose all day long in the communal gated courtyard, never cleaned up after it and it was annoying as f*ck because it would (playfully) chase everyone and harass everyone because it was starved for attention. She got tons of complaints, but because she kept claiming it was a service animal, there was nothing to be done. She eventually got evicted after getting a second dog she let run feral and sh*t everywhere too (which she never cleaned) because obviously no one has 2 “service animals” that are literally never inside with the person. Landlord found out when she left she was also one of those hoarder people and left her apartment packed full of all kinds of sh*t and filth, including bags of clothes she had been stealing at night from those charity donation bins they set up in parking lots. She was just a vile individual.


I moved into a new housing development a few months ago. My back yard has a slight slope to it which leads to a neighbor’s house down the hill. I had my car in the back of the driveway washing it one day when I noticed downhill neighbor lady taking pictures of me (and my gf) with her iphone through her window.

I thought this was strange, so after I finished washing the car, I knocked on the door and calmly asked why she felt the need to take our picture, and she launched into a yelling, cursing monologue about how we were psychopathic a*sholes who were trying to poison her dogs with car soap.

So basically: She thought that 3oz of car soap, diluted by ten gallons of water, then diluted again by rain, would wash down into her yard, settle in her grass, and then somehow be toxic enough to prove deadly to her dogs, via fumes.

I tried to reason with her, but she just kept yelling that soap was made of “chemicals” and that I was a f*cking a*shole, etc. She called the police while I was standing there and they literally refused to come.

TL;DR: Crazy neighbor lady thought that me washing my car was an conscious assassination attempt on her dogs.



neighbors from hellSizzalness

We had one house on my old street growing up, which had just changed owners. Seemingly nice couple and their kids move in and they are okay at first.

Kids were kinda annoying, but they were like 6 and 9 so the rest of us on the block ignored it, we were all between the ages of 13 to 16. The kids began screaming profanities at us and throwing stuff. We just started avoiding them because they were nuts. So they told their mom that we were being mean. We then learned that she was f*cking crazy and would ride her bike up and down the street telling parents what their children had done wrong to their boys (mostly lies, but some truth). None of the parents would take her serious and she was told to f*ck off many times.

We had an empty lot on the street where we would dig tunnels and build paintball fields. Every single morning we would find everything destroyed on the field. We find suspicious attempts at traps made and all kinds of sh*t. Boards with nails laid behind my neighbors tires and sh*t. I’m certain the mom was sending her kids out on missions to get back at us and the parents.

The unprovable damage when on for about a year. Peace returned when she moved and then we all grew up.



Guy next door was a hoarder (junk on front and back porch, door that won’t open) and never cut his grass. After a couple years of city not enforcing lawn care, neighbors on either side started cutting front lawn for him. But we couldn’t mow back for him because he always had two large dogs who only understood Polish. Grass was always 6′ tall in back yard and that plus trash meant the mosquitos along the fence were horrendous, rendering our otherwise pleasant shade garden unusable after any rain.

At one point he was stealing our water which drove up our water bill. We suspect he didnt have electric either. He hung out at the library all day most days. Near the end he slept in his truck in his driveway sometimes, possibly to avoid going in his hoarding-ruined house.

Eventually he died. He was very sick. His house is in probate. Now someone mows every month or so. His son came and tried to clean out the house, but after dozens of truck loads to the dump when the beer cans and fast food bags were still hip deep I think he finally admitted defeat and quit coming out to clean every weekend. It will take a professional crew to clean it I think.

Thank goodness we are renters, not owners.


I’ve only had two apartments in my life. First apartment was when I was 18, lived in a section 8 apartment building, neighbor had some sort of mental disability and his wife was completely blind. They would constantly file noise complaints and bang on the walls. My roommate and I were never even that loud, we would watch TV at a reasonable level, and if we started laughing… BANG BANG BANG. Dude would scoff at us when from his balcony when we were walking to and from the apartment, and call us names. He filed his third noise complaint when we had a couple friends over for Thanksgiving. Cops came to the door and were like.. “Uhhh sorry to bother you.” On that third one we got evicted, but we didn’t fight it because our lease was almost over anyway.

Second apartment I’m 24, neighbors above me are loud as sh*t. I mean raging parties until 3, 4 in the morning. Beer pong, loud bass music. Asked them many times to keep the noise down, but the dude always gets in my face saying he has a “right to do what he wants in his own house.” Threw tons of cigarettes off his balcony and blamed it in my girlfriend and I. They finally moved out, but I will never live in a apartment again.



neighbors from hellAnnepackrat

The woman who had my old apartment before me used to feed all the neighborhood skunks causing them to constantly hang around my dimly lit apartment building.

My then boyfriend used to have to carry a flashlight to avoid startling one and getting a faceful of stink.


Drinking beer out on the front porch during a Saturday evening. Called the police. We were all of age so the police said to keep it down. This happened multiple times. The cops stopped asking for ID’s.

Their dog would be left off leash in the front yard. When completing our runs, the dog would charge around the corner and bite one of us. They said we should know better.

Complained when people would park near their house. Threatened to tow multiple cars.