30 Unrelated Movies Described In The Same Sentence For Both

11. Enjoys Making Traps To Punish Bad People


12. A Child Is Taken Away, And A Parent Will Go To Great Lengths To Rescue Them

unrelated movies described same sentencexcqueen

13. A Bitter Old Man Loses His Wife, Befriends His Young Asian Neighbour Who Helps Him Overcome His Bitterness And Cyncism

unrelated movies described same sentenceStickleyMan

14. Resourceful Guy Left Alone On Christmas Eve Beats The Criminals

unrelated movies described same sentenceCutterOfCookies

15. Edward Norton Fights His Alter Ego From Taking Him Over

unrelated movies described same

16. The Protagonist Discovers He/She Has Been Living In A Fantasy World Where All His/Her Actions Are Controlled, And Has To Learn To Fight The Forces Of Evil Using Innate Skills That Look Like Magic To Those Observing


17. They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


18. Brave Adventurers Stop The Rock From Ruining Everything


19. Crazy Manipulative Lady Pretends To Be A Girls Mother, Essentially Keeps Her Hostage And Eventually Tries To Kill Her ‘Daughter’ When She Tries To Escape

20. Jim Carrey Really Hates Bats