30 Unrelated Movies Described In The Same Sentence For Both

The Redditor u/bopoqod posed the question “Which two unrelated movies can be summed up with the same sentence?” and people got seriously creative.

1. A Bunch Of Dinosaurs Kill A Lot Of People

unrelated movies described same sentencebopoqod

2. Main Character Turns Blue In The End


3. It’s Dad All Along


4. They Put That Thing Back Where It Came From

unrelated movies described same sentenceDismas423

5. An Unexpected Pregnancy Leads To A Complicated Situation


6. Stole A Loaf Of Bread, Went To Jail, Given Riches By Someone, Gained Political Office, Took Part In Rebellion Against The Government, Has Longstanding Feud With Government Official, Ultimately Influences His Enemy To Defeat Himself. With Singing!


7. Two Guys Go Up A Mountain And Rings Get Destroyed


8. Icy Dead People


9. A Clown Comes To Town. No One Laughs


10. Tom Hank’s Flight Doesn’t Go Well