People Share ‘Futuristic Movie Props’ That Are Just Everyday Objects

Futuristic and sci-fi movies might be fascinating, especially their movie props. But everything is not what it seems. You will be surprised when you see futuristic movie props that actually are everyday objects. People share these movie props in a Reddit group and here 30 of the best ones.

1. This Is Cool

movie propsHamillHimself

2. In An Episode Of Mutant X, Jesse Uses A Familiar Looking “Device.” It Looks Like A High Tech Gadget With Buttons, But I Recognized It As The Eyeshadow Compact I’ve Had Since High School


3. One Of The Most Iconic Movie Props Of All Time, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber From The Star Wars Franchise Is A Flash Handle From A Vintage Camera (Graflex 3 Cell Flash Handle)

movie propscgsimmons1983

4. One Of Young Anakin’s Tool Is A Silver-Painted Dog Toy That I Own


5. I Present To You: Willrow Hoods Aka Ice Cream Man From Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back In The Background Of Cloud City. He Carries A Completely Undecorated Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker. This Previously Unnamed Character Has Spawned A Cult Following, Leading To Books, Comics, And Fan Lore

movie propsPolyklietosOfAthens

6. Prop: In Phantom Menace, Qui Gonn’s Comlink Is A Gillette Women’s Razor


7. The Mask Used For Halloween (1978) Was A William Shatner Mask That Was Painted White

movie propsnotsure500

8. I Was Told This Might Be This Sub’s Cup Of Tea


9. This Transmitter That Cracks Access Codes In Resident Evil (2002) Is A Glucose Meter With An Antenna

movie propsKiwyGal

10. That’s An Escalator