People Share ‘Futuristic Movie Props’ That Are Just Everyday Objects

21. In The End Credit Scene Of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Taneleer Tivan (The Collector) Drinks His Martini From An Alessi ‘Big Love’ Ice Cream Bowl

movie propsbrightgreyday

22. Stargate Sg-1: Season 2, Episode 22 — The Futuristic Device Used By The Doctor Is A Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer


23. The Guns In Terra Nova (TV 2012) Are Spray-Painted Nerf Guns

movie propsGo_For_Jesse

24. Automated Trash Bin In Firefly Runs Windows 2000


25. The Child In The Mandalorian Is In A Us Military Mermite Can With A Some Lights Glued On Front

movie propsLuniticus

26. In The Fifth Element (1997), The Detonator The Mangalore Captain Uses To Destroy The Cruise Liner Is A School Locker Padlock


27. Here Have A Parts List For Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber

movie propsGrandAdmiralSpock

28. In Game Of Thrones S8e4 Dany’s Chalice Is Just A Starbucks Coffee Cup


29. Watchmens (TV) Interrogation Chamber Remote Is A Dyson Fan Controller


30. [tv] In Netflix’s Lost In Space [2019] The Military Crew Members Wear A $65 Foam Airsoft Vest

movie propsFord117