People Share ‘Futuristic Movie Props’ That Are Just Everyday Objects

11. Jawas In The Mandalorian Have Volkswagen Fuel Injection Rails. I Recognized Them Immediately (Jumping Up From The Couch And Startling My Wife). I Replaced Dozens Of These During A Recall In 2013

movie propsspannerboy69

12. [tv] In Alias [2005], Her Specialized Locker Cutting Tool Is A Creme Brûlée Torch


13. Greef Kargas Buckle Is A Cheap Folding Knife

movie propsSuper_Jackk

14. The Chest Thing The First Order Officer Wears In The Kyle Ren Snl Sketch Is A Pack Of Gum


15. Batman’s Boots In Batman Returns Are Just Air Jordan 6s With An Extended Top And Foam Glued On. The Sole Even Still Has The Jordan Logo

movie propsChief-Queef

16. That’s An Echo Mic


17. [tv] The Expanse [2018]. The Cryo Chamber Used For Mei Is A Repurposed Thule 624 Cargo Box

movie propsostrich_fondlerer

18. [film] Back To The Future [1985] A Krups Coffee Machine Became Mr Fusion On The Delorean


19. Dark Crystal Used A Die Cast Tie Fighter For This Foe’s Eye

movie propsecto_27

20. [tv] Mandalorian Season 1, Friend Just Started It And Sent Me Proof That This Mechanic’s Tool Is Actually A Thermometer!