What Do You Miss About The ’90s?



I honestly miss the internet from the 90s.. I spent so many hours exploring, reading things…. every webpage felt like I was visiting someone’s house, they were so personal as design standards did not exist yet. I enjoyed my netscape navigator. And I LOVED my IRC chat rooms. Keep in mind I was like 9 and 10. lol, so I mostly spent time in Pokemon Chat rooms that had bots.
Discord is not the same as the IRC days.



Building cubby houses, playing in the creek, rollerblading, then coming home and playing Sega/Nintendo. I miss taping stuff off the tv, hanging out in my room, still playing with toys, reading cool magazines, going through my card collections. The hype of the cinema back in the 90’s. Not being a slave to technology, but still having wicked gadgets like Walkmans.



Having a limited selection when it comes to movies. Whether it was rewatching movies from your home collection or renting at blockbuster, the limited options made choosing something to watch much less annoying.



Prime time tv, 35mm film. There’s idealism in film photography that is now missing. The medium lost the sentimental value it used to have.



The CD players/stereo systems. I had a beautiful Sony one with double tape deck and 3 CD changer. Had lovely coloured lights on the display and it was just brilliant to listen to Eliminator on. My dad got it for me and at the age of 10 I thought I was so cool.



I’m a Xennial, so being in middle age now, I miss everything about the 90’s- I really miss having no true responsibilities but choosing what color jelly shoes to wear that day or begging my mom to bring me to the store for more stickers for my sticker album.



Watching grunge music videos on MTV and Keebler chips.



Ed, Edd and Eddie; Code Name Kids Next Door; Samurai Jack; courage the cowardly dog; Powerpuff Girls….. the 90’s had really good cartoons.



My Super Nintendo being cutting edge technology.



Urban legends. Like, the fact that we have the Internet to fact check everything is still pretty cool, but I always loved the mystique when you hear an urban legend about a band or artist you enjoy.