New Maternity Beds Will Revolutionize Hospitals For Mothers Forever

Dutch Hospital GelderseVallei has made some potentially revolutionary changes to their maternity wards, introducing an innovative design for add-on bassinettes for their hospital beds for mothers and new-borns.

The bassinette easily connects to the hospital bed, allowing both mother and child to remain close together throughout their stay. This can be particularly helpful for those who are required to stay for longer periods than most, as it ensures that mum and child can stay comfortable and nearby each other.

As explained by the hospitals extended-stay webpage:

“Mother and child are thus close together and can touch each other without the intervention of a nurse,” the hospital website explains. “Breastfeeding is easier because the baby is nearby. Especially after a caesarean delivery, if the mother is not very mobile for a few days, the manger has great advantages. The mother cannot help the baby to take with them and put them back.”

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A Dutch hospital is revolutionizing maternity care with its unique, clip-on, baby bassinets

New Maternity Beds

New Maternity Beds

New Maternity Beds