Healthcare Workers Make Wholesome And Funny Things To Make Patients Smile

These healthcare workers create an awesome atmosphere in their working area. They make such wholesome and funny things to make their patients smile that it is awesome to see.

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1. Saw This Next To The Weighting Scale At The Hospital

healthcare workersbassibanezacura

2. My Local Vet Has A Sign And Candle For When Someone’s Saying Goodbye To Their Pet


3. In Spanish-Speaking Countries, The Tooth Fairy Is A Mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This Is My Dentist Office

healthcare workersZurgTS

4. A Doctor Made A “Special Prescription” For An Illiterate Patient


5. A moving “Thank You” To a vet

healthcare workers8outof10cats

6. Found In My Doctor’s Office


7. Vet’s Mew Surgical Assistant

healthcare workersMissyTheSnake

8. This May Not Seem Like Much, But After 10 Years, I Am Stepping Down As A Practicing Veterinarian. This Is Every Thank You Card And Picture That I’ve Received Over The Last Decade


9. Hospital T-Rex Has A Reminder For You

healthcare workersthatsimsgirl

10. This Coffee Mug In My Doctor’s Office Telling It Like It Is