Everyone Should Have These Life Skills, Here Are 30 Of Them

The popular Reddit community titled Every Man Should Know is dedicated to sharing life skills that are really useful.

1. How To Use Google Effectively

life skillsN8theGr8

2. Rape Can Happen To Men Too, And There Is Zero Shame In Seeking Help


3. How To Save A Choking Dog


4. Know That Screwdriver Handles Are Shaped So That A Wrench Can Slide Over Them


5. How To Jumpstart A Car


6. How To Gird Up Your Loins


7. Know The Front Desk Call To Verify Your Credit Card Details Scam

life skillsInternetWeakGuy

8. How To Sew On A Button

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9. How To Break Down A Door

life skillsPuppyshiz

10. Recommended Amount Of Times To Wear Clothes Between Washes

life skillsTASTY-BURGER